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Are Sales Pitch Decks Dead? I Say No Way.

Someone told me recently that sales pitch decks are obsolete. While I’m yet to speak to a client who doesn’t want me to create or improve their pitch deck, it still got me thinking: Are pitch decks needed at all?

a product marketer works on a sales deck on a laptop

Here’s the thing: the question is irrelevant. Whether you use a presentation or you dive right into a product demo, you have to be able to communicate your value. And the best way to do that is by telling a compelling story that’s actually interesting to your target audience.

So, what makes a story compelling to a prospect? Things like this:

✨ You know what's going on in their world.

✨ You feel their pain

✨ You understand what they need

✨ You have effective solutions

✨ Your solutions work

✨ You can prove it

Some sales people are adept at weaving the story into a conversation and others need a deck. Either way, the whole sales team needs to be on the same page about your messaging. And that’s a job for product marketing!

I think pitch decks are alive and kickin’. But I know a great sales narrative is always essential.



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