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How I Changed My Career Path and Leaped Into Becoming a Product Marketing Consultant

Updated: Jan 22

Before I was a consultant, I was a job hopper.

My resume was a “who’s who” of the ad tech world. Throughout my career, I’d been through acquisitions, layoffs, re-orgs, and pivots. I was tired of answering the question: “Why did you leave your last position?” I just wanted to get off the rollercoaster.

A woman takes a flying leap off a cliff and into a more successful career

I needed to make a change, so I looked at how I got here:

✅ Great at getting a job.

✅ Great at doing the job.

❌ Bad at sticking around for more than 18 months.

Then I looked at what I had to offer:

💡 I like solving different problems.

✔ I love getting things done.

💥 I’m a strong writer and project manager.

⚡ I’m quick about it.

That’s when it hit me that I was looking at “job hopper” the wrong way. I'm meant to be a consultant!

Five and a half years ago, I hopped off the rollercoaster. It’s the longest I’ve ever stayed in any job.

So, the next time you’re feeling bad about some aspect of yourself, think about re-framing it. What if you leaned into the "bad" stuff rather than ran away from it? It might open a door you didn’t even know was there.

Cut to two years after my big leap…

I ran into a former boss that I hadn’t seen in a while. He asked me what I was doing and when I told him about my consulting business, he smiled and said: “This suits you. You seem happy.” And he sent a client my way.



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